Pakistan fans express disappointment over shambolic defeat

Supporters of Pakistan Cricket team gathered in Nottingham from around the world were left disappointed after Pakistan team’s defeat in its opening match of the ICC Cricket World Cup by West Indies on Friday.

Fans, mostly wearing green and some fancy-dressed in their own style, came to Nottingham from different part of the UK and other countries to cheer for Pakistan team in World Cup match against West Indies, however, the lackluster performance by Pakistan team has left them disappointed.
“I am obviously disappointed with the way they played today. But I am still hopeful that this team will make a comeback,” said a fan outside the Trent Bridge Cricket Stadium.
“It looked like they were scared of something. They have let us down today,” said another fan.
However, they’re still hopeful and looking forward to supporting team in next matches.
“Our support to Pakistan team is unconditional. I came all the way to Nottingham from London to cheer for the team. Doesn’t matter if they have lost, I will travel to all the venues to support the team,” said a female supporter of the team.
Before being let down by the team, the fans were very energetic in the morning. Some of them had booked a double-Decker bus to travel around the city, chanting “Pakistan Zindabad”.
“This has become a tradition for us. We gather money, we hire the bus, decorate them with Pakistan’s color and roam around in city to display our support for the team and country,” said one of the supporter on the bus.
They also went to team hotel before the start of the match to see-off team to the ground under slogans of Pakistan Zindabad and Dil Dil Pakistan.